William Fields

NWAA Presents: PRACTICE @ Tower Hill, Wilmington, DE

River Frame
William Fields

Performance, digital prints.

William Fields’ work brings together the tradition of abstract expressionism in the visual arts with the tradition of free improvisation in music. The work brings recent technological developments to bear on the realm of audiovisual art – mainly the massively parallel-processing capabilities of dedicated graphics processors (GPUs). It aims to create a tight, synesthetic correlation between the visual and the sonic in a spontaneous, improvisatory context.

The live performance is fully improvised and generated in real time. Every performance is unique and is created in response to the moment. It is by nature spontaneous, fluid, risky, and fleeting – largely driven by the unconscious.

The digital prints, on the other hand, represent static moments in time. The images will be captured during practice, where it is possible to experiment without risk; to collect, curate, and select; where it is possible to consciously direct and control the outcome.

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