William Fields

William Fields is an artist and musician from the Philadelphia area whose work explores algorithmic composition, improvisation, and audio-visual correspondence.

His music has been released on labels such as SUPERPANG, tokinogake, EVEL, 3OP, GOTO, ding\ndents, Kaer'Uiks, Conditional, Great Curve, Nada, and New York Haunted.

“Like Richard Devine on acid... I was completely blown away... the pinnacle of bleeps and bloops and everyone deserves to know it.”
Colin Benders

“Some of the most mind-blowing algorithmically generated music I'd ever heard”
Richard Devine

“HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION: William Fields is at the absolute front of algorithmic music and this tremendous 24 hour collection is some of the wildest stuff out there... TOP NOTCH”
Telefon Tel Aviv

“A master of the dark arts. A minimalist with a big sound. A pioneer and a deeply clever chap. He’s an audio visual mash man that’s got tasty taste. A rare combo!”
Jamie Lidell

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